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skills for success


Being smart with knowledge of the law is not enough. At beyondBlackletter, we are dedicated to making lawyers SMARTER

Able to recognise your own strengths, weaknesses, beliefs, values, attitudes, motivations and emotions and to understand how you are perceived by others.

Able to inspire and empower yourself and others to develop full potential or to sustain high performance.

Able to respond agilely and effectively to new and changed conditions, whether in legal service delivery or the organisation generally and to evolve to meet organisational needs.

Able to cope with unexpected challenges and to survive or recover quickly from pressures, setbacks or other situations which impact performance.

Able to apply professional knowledge and skills in ways that add value to the organisation as a whole and to work collaboratively with others to promote understanding and efficiency.

Able to perceive, understand, express and manage emotions in yourself and others to impact and influence outcomes and achieve personal, team or organisational goals.

Able to establish, build and maintain connections with others and be responsive, accessible, approachable and understandable to others.

Through personalised assessment, training and coaching, we focus on more than law: we equip in-house lawyers with the non-legal skills essential for success in the in-house environment.